"A school without walls"

Our School

Abbington Academy is a small, private, alternative school that accepts students in kindergarten through grade twelve. It was originally founded in 1983, in Yarmouthport, Massachusetts, by two parents who wanted to provide an individualized, educational alternative for their children. Later it moved to Hyannis and is presently approved and based in Bourne, Massachusetts. Although it is similar to other schools in some respects, Abbington Academy is unique in that its driving force is to honor its students’ needs, desires, and imagination. It provides individualized curriculum designed with the student's interests and abilities in mind. It is an exciting educational alternative serving Cape Cod and South Coast communities.


Abbington Academy's basic philosophy is that education should be part of real life experience and not restricted by a cloistered atmosphere. By themselves, skills have little meaning. It is only when they are put to practical use—when they become tools—that they become part of the student's life. We believe that students should learn through encountering real world experiences in which academic knowledge and action are interconnected.

Abbington Academy incorporates a curriculum based on relevant courses set in real-life settings. Instruction and learning are individualized to each student and involve him or her personally. Students learn about things that interest them, enriching their academic skills and knowledge while also broadening their horizons. Each curriculum is organized by examining the individual's total environment and determining aspects of that student's life that are personally significant. 

In order for learning to be successful and meaningful, it must grow out of each student’s own creative experience and search. We encourage academic learning with substantial amounts of experience in practical settings outside the classroom. We further encourage and utilize community involvement and resources, as well as active family involvement and instruction. By promoting a curriculum that centers around relevant courses in real-life settings, we aim to place academic subjects in better balance with the spiritual, emotional, creative, intuitive, moral, and social development of the child.

In order to foster self-directed learning that is personally significant to each student, Abbington Academyoffers an independent study program. Our instruction Coordinators and Education Committee supervise the design of individualized curriculums and the assessment of each student’s progress throughout the year. These individuals also offer students and parent/teachers guidance, information, resource materials, and general support for independent study. Parent/teachers guide their students’ daily learning activities. Independent study takes many forms: from self-directed projects, private tutoring, apprenticeships, and work-study to group activities and classes, school field trips, and community service projects. School activities take place at various satellite locations in the community. The variety of experiences is limited only by the imagination and creative energy of the students and families enrolled in the school.